SREBRENICA: 20 Years Later, And Still Searching

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Every year the World marks anniversary of the takeover of Srebrenica by Bosnian- Serb troops  on July 11, 1995.
( And every year world sees Western and global leaders, gather to mourn. The same leaders that, in other occasion, issue cold blooded statement that they have been proud for murdering half a million Iraqi (Muslim) children, that kill wedding guests by drones in Afghanistan, Syrian or Libyan families.

But when it comes to Srebrenica, things radically change. Great Britain pushes   some sort of UN resolution about Srebrenica, that will strictly prohibit any questioning whether there was genocide (International Law would need to rethink and adjust known and accepted and valid definition of genocide in order to satisfy geopolitical gamers and  Imperialistic games around and about Srebrenica. )

The significance of this takeover determined not only the outcome of the Bosnian civil war, but reached far beyond the Balkans.


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