No Evidence of the Alleged “Srebrenica Massacre”

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Muslim coffins

“Srebrenica” searches of the Internet inevitably yield thousands of highly suggestive images like the above, but rows of empty coffins covered in green cloth can hardly compensate for the fact that the key issues — the actual number, identity, the cause, place and time of death of the alleged Srebrenica victims remain a mystery even 20 years later. (Muslims do not bury their loved ones in coffins, they just use them to carry the bodies to the grave site; the coffins are then returned to storage places like this one and reused)

No Evidence of the Alleged “Srebrenica Massacre”

When former Bosnian viceroy, a mouth-frothing Serbophobe Paddy Ashdown (who didn’t blink an eye while shamelessly lying under oath in the Hague, in an attempt to smear the Serbs with another nonexistent crime), ordered forming of the “Srebrenica Commission” under the banner of the Bosnian Serb Government in 2004, he probably…

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