Documents from the Vienna Royal Archives confirm – the Albanian Nation was constructed by Austro-Hungary!

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Editorial Board of SRBski FBReporter (СРБскиФБРепортер): The first text regards the research of the Bulgarian Historian Teodora Toleva about the origin of the Albanian nation, published at СРБски ФБРепортер. The text had a vast repercussion and to our big satisfaction caused interest of the reputed journalists and researchers. According to some announcements, a translation into Serbian of this Bulgarian historian’s work, very important for us, will be soon published.


The Albanian Nation was constructed by Austro-Hungary

Written by: Djordje Opsenica and Goran Ilic
Source: Geopolitika 71/2014.

Interest in the Bulgarian scientific public is not fading regarding the voluminous historical work under the title Influence of the Austro-Hungarian Empire on the Creation of the Albanian Nation (1896-1908) based on studied documents of the Vienna Royal Archives, and might be quite interesting for the Serbian public as well.

Namely, the doctoral thesis of the recently…

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