Weakening elite in former Soviet Republics falling into Russophobia out of despair

Serbian FBReporter in English

The wave of anti-Russian sentiment in Baltic countries has started to take a new turn. After well-known events in a neighboring country, Pro-Europeanpoliticians are boldly taking even the most absurd excuses of the Ukrainian media and drawing up an image of a Russian aggressor.

In the past year Latvia and Estonia have been demented monuments to the Soviet soldier who liberated them, Baltic States unanimously voted for sanctions against Russia, and in September 2014 the Latvian parliament (Sejm) national unity party “All Latvia” submitted a proposal to stop giving residence permits (VNZH) to Russian citizens – ostensibly to prevent threats to national security.

It was got to the point that the minister of justice Berzinsh, in September of last year, came out with accusations against the movement “Russian Union of Latvia”. A politician, who only recently took up his post, loudly declared that the alliance is trying to overthrown the…

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