US Activist Says Aid to Ukraine Will Find Its Way Into Hands of ‘Fascists’

Serbian FBReporter in English

US antiwar activist Joe Iosbaker believes that US military assistance being provided to Ukraine will fall into the hands of extreme-right National Guard battalions operating in the east of the country.

Joe Iosbaker, an organizer for the US-based United National Antiwar Coalition, told Radio Sputnik Thursday that he is convinced US non-lethal aid destined for Ukraine will find its way into the hands of extreme nationalist battalions operating in the east of the country.Iosbaker explained that with „the victory of the Republicans in the Senate this past year, Obama has both the excuse and the push that the US needs to continue [its] escalation in Ukraine; to continue to move in the direction he was already going.“ The antiwar activist believes that „it’s almost a certainty that US weapons will begin to flow directly into the hands of the fascist-led military force that the US is backing.“

The Obama Administration has approved a new, $75 million package of non-lethal aid to Ukraine, including drones, Humvees, radios and anti-mortar radar…

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